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Sandal CHROMO Dark Brown Calf

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Italian Excellence.

These dark brown flip flops for him are entierly hand made with careful research for premium materials and attention to detail. 'CHROMO' features a washed leather upper, a leather insole and a lightweight sole sculptured ergonomically for best comfort. They get a vintage look by using natural leather and after do the dyeing and washing by hand - the traditional 'T/CAPO Brador way. The result is that each pair is unique, as the leather is not finished - it is enhanced by its natural imperfections.

Italian label Brador combine elegance with comfort and practicality, in line with the evolution of fashion and style. Brador produces the stylistic lines of big fashion brands together with careful research of materials and attention to detail.

Runs true to size.

Varumärke: Brador
Färg: Brun
Ovandel: Skinn
Foder: Mörk nappa
Botten: Helgjuten gummisula
Storlek: +/-0
Passform: Normal
Design-/Tillverkningsland: Italien

Art. 9VBD656/21

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