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Kit Leather Renewal

399  SEK

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The beginning of a lifelong relationship with your leather shoes.

1. PROTECT. Spray your shoes with the waterproofing spray that protects your shoes from water and stains. Environmentally friendly - Free from PFOS and PFOA. Suitable for indoor use. Fast acting. Don't use on patent leather. 300 ml.

2. NOURISH AND MOISTURIZE. Take care of your leather shoes with the genuine KIWI® shoe cream - also called ‘The King of shoe creams’. With its unique blend of natural Carnauba wax and vegetable turpentine oil, KIWI® Prestige Shoe Polish helps to deliver the ultimate shine to your leather shoes, while also providing nourishment, protection and increased water resistance. Apply the shoe cream with the applicator. Buff to a gloss.

3. SHINE. For an extra high shine, apply another layer of shoe cream and buff with the soft cloth.

This kit is suitable for the dedicated shoe lover with many leather shoes.

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