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Carpaccio di Salmone

Bootie 849 Cherry Red Suede

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THE hottest bootie on the market.

We sure knows how to take a classic and raise it to new, luxurious heights. The cherry red body of this bootie is gorgeously fierce. The pointed toe combined with the high shaft and cutting heel is entirely hot. Wear the pair with cropped pants to show them off for maximum authority.

Carpaccio di Salmone is our premium label. Carpaccio shoes are always elegant and high-fashion. Different exclusive materials are combined in an innovative way. The name, Carpaccio di Salmone, comes from a traditional Salmon appetizer originating in Italy. The soul of Carpaccio is expressed throughout the design, details and the perfect finish.

This style runs small in size, order a half size up.

Varumärke: Carpaccio di Salmone
Land: Italy
Färg: Röd
Ovandel: Mocka
Foder: Nappa
Botten: Slitstark yttersula i läder
Klack/Platå: 10 cm/- cm
Skaft Höjd/Vidd: 14 cm/24 cm
Storlek: -0,5
Passform: Smal

Art. 9HMC849/82

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SKAFTVIDD - mäts på 2 sätt:
1. Stövlett - Omkrets vid skaftets slut/öppning.
2. Stövel - Omkrets i höjd med bredaste delen på vaden. 

+/-0 = Normal storlek.
-0,5 = Modellen är en halv storlek mindre än normalt(välj om möjligt en halv storlek större).
+1 = Modellen är en hel storlek större än normalt(välj en storlek mindre) osv.

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