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Boot SAVANNA 683 / Aqua Tinta In Capo

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Handcrafted from premium luxurious suede in aqua-blue-turquoise, these low ankle boots from Pantanetti adds a classic everyday look to your shoe wardrobe. SAVANNA features an angled shaft, a round toe and is set on a durable leather sole and 4,5 cm cuban inspired heel.

Runs true to size.

This shoe has a special color blending, following an Italian artisan craftsmanship technique called "Tintura in capo". It means that the whole shoe is dyed after they are finished and not before. It is a very difficult and risky technique, one that very few brands use today. The "Tinto in capo" process makes a one of a kind look to the shoe, the color looks brushed on.

Italian brand Pantanetti are obsessed with quality, with a mind for aesthetic and tradition, but also with an eye on tomorrow and its changes. Their collection is a result of a knowledgeable mix of creativity and craftsmanship.

Varumärke: Pantanetti
Land: Italy
Färg: Turkos/aqua
Ovandel: Mocka
Foder: Ljus Nappa
Botten: Durksydd lädersula med infasad slityta i rågummi
Klack/Platå: 4,5 cm/- cm
Skaft Höjd/Vidd: - cm/- cm
Storlek: +/-0
Passform: Normal

Art. 9HPN683/192

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